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the garden of caroob trees

holiday home Donnalucata

Via Lentini, 3, 97018 Donnalucata RG

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The villa is Immersed in the lush garden wich surrounds the infinity swimming pool 6x12, with sal-disinfected crystal water, enjoyable in the evenings too thanks to the wonderful lighting.



Herewith,  the  estate Casa  Vacanze  "Il  Giardino  dei  Carrubi" make  the  guests  aware  of  the staying booking conditions of this extra - hotel building.

Your  reservation  is  guaranteed,  the  following  rules  will  be  employed  for  direct  reservations carried out with the structure, that is without intermediaries.

Confirming deposit:
to confirm the reservation you need to credit to the structure the 30% on the whole of the amount due for your staying.

Annulment policy:
we will collect the 30% of the whole amount due to the structure for your staying, with repayment duty of the paid deposit, within and not further 30 days from the arrival in our structure. The  30%   of   the   whole   amount  of  your   reservation will  not  be  refunded
for   the annulments  done after  the  30  days  guaranteed,  it  could  be  refunded  (connected  expenses deducted)  only  and  nothing  but  after  the  occupation  of  the  same  staying  period  of  another  guest.  We will not carry out any refund if you anticipate your departure.

the remaining 70% of the whole amount must be credited to the structure within 15 days from the arrival date in it. In case there is a reservation within 15 days from the for e seen arrival date, it must be credited the whole amount within 24 hours from the reservation.

No  show:
in  case  of  no  show  it will  be  withheld the  whole  amount that  will  be  brought  back,  the amount  of  the  confirming  deposit  deducted  and  connected  expenses,  only  and  nothing  but  after  the occupation of the same staying period of the guest.

Caution  deposit:

it  is  guest commitment,  before  giving  him  the  keys  of  the  building,  leave  to  the owner € 300.00 cash as  caution  deposit,  that  will  be  brought  back  before  check  out  after  the testing  conditions  of  the  building  and  connected  internal  and  external relevancies.  Possible  damages will be withheld and, whether the damages amount will be over €300.00, the remaining amount must be immediately referred the matter back to the owner.


only minor lead back by parents. No weapons, no drugs, no alcoholic drinks in excess. In all the rooms there is the absolute ban to smoke, there are open spaces for smokers.


The property is not available for parties.

Upon arrival guests must show a valid Identity document.

For security reasons only guests registered are allowed to stay, and any short, and occasional visit of strangerss will be allowed upon request and authorization of the owner from time to time.

It is forbidden to dive and run along the solarium.

It is mandatory to take the shower and wash the feet before entering the pool.

Children in the pool must be accompanied by an adult.

It is forbidden to eat in the pool and at the poolside

It is forbidden to make noises especially from h.14:30 pm to h. 16:30pm as well as at night

Delayed check out:
it must be asked the day before check out and, if possible it will be conferred for free only for few hours of further staying.

Competences  forum: 

for  any  peacefulunsolved  controversy,  the  competences  forum  will  be  at  the seat of Ragusa Court.