Caltagirone, the town famous for the production of the precious colorful pottery and for its nativity museums, with the great stairway of Santa Maria del Monte, made up of 142 steps, built in 1606 to connect the ancient part of Caltagirone to the new city in the upper part, it is a wonderful stop. The staircase flanked with buildings with balconies, which has become the emblem of the city is annualy lit on 24 and 25 July by over 4000 lanterns so that the visual effect is like a lava flow. The Roman villa del Casale of Roman times, 4 kilometers from Piazza Armerina, is an important tourist destination, a UNESCO site since 1997, for the wonderful floor mosaics unique in the world. The most famous room features ten girls in bikini depicted in different gymnaste competitions: disc trow, game with the ball, exercises with weights in hand and country race.

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